Finally, Nutritional Advice That’s Tailored to YOU

Holli knows from her own experience and her practice as a health coach, how vital it is to craft a diet that’s right for you. More important, she understands that things change. The Nutritional Style that keeps you satisfied and healthy may change right along with you.

Frank Lipman, MD

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What the Experts Are Saying:

  • Alejandro Junger, MD Author of Clean, Clean Gut, and Clean Eats

    Discover Your Nutritional Style is a great tool for anyone who wants to get and stay healthy. It’s a fresh take on finding what foods work for you. I will be handing this book to my patients!

  • Mark Hyman, MD Author of The Blood Sugar Solution 10-Day Detox Diet

    Discover Your Nutritional Style is an accessible, fun guide to a healthy diet, a clearer mind, and a stronger body. Holli Thompson’s seasonal approach to food for all Nutritional Styles will help you get on the path to good and enjoyable nutrition—and stay there. 

  • Ken Cook President, Environmental Working Group, Washington, DC

    The premise of Holli Thompson’s engaging and original book is that the path to healthy eating begins not with someone’s theory of nutrition or dietary practice, however well informed or well intended it may be. It begins instead with the individual—with you, to be precise—and your eating preferences, habits and personal goals. Refreshing, beguiling, inventive and practical, Nutritional Style aims not to make you healthy by making you thin or vegan or paleo or raw or anything else. It aims to make you healthy by making you happy.

Inside Discover Your Nutritional Style...

You’ll learn

  1. How to assess the best Nutritional Style for you; a style of eating that enables you to feel and look your absolute best, all year long!
  2. The Dangerous Liaisons of the food world: the bad boys of nutrition. Including, Serial Killers, the evil foods and substances that you want to avoid, at all costs.
  3. Holli’s popular cleanse program that has worked effectively and achieved amazing results for hundreds of women. And the best part? No starving allowed!
  4. How to create your own plan to achieve weight loss, clarity of thought, fabulous energy, deeper sleep, and improved moods, for each season.
  5. Holli’s favorite, EASY-to-prepare recipes that are geared toward all Nutritional Styles, including contributions from wellness experts Dr. Mark Hyman, Natalia Rose, Dr. Alejandro Junger’s CLEAN program, Sarma Melngailis, Dr. Frank Lipman, and more…

About Holli


Holli Thompson, CHHC, CNHP, is the founder of Nutritional Style™ and and appears regularly on ABC-TV. A former VP for Chanel, Inc., Holli has been featured as a health practitioner in MORE magazine, USA Today, and has shared nutrition advice on NBC, CBS, and FX networks. Holli also contributes to such popular blogs as The Daily Love, Less Cancer, EmpowHER, and MindBodyGreen and presents on a range of nutrition topics for groups such as the American Heart Association, The Institute for Integrative Nutrition,, and the American Association of Women Dentists.

Having overcome her own health issues, such as chronic sinus, migraines, allergies, weight gain, infertility, fibromyalgia. Holli returned to school to learn more, achieving multiple certifications in the health and nutrition field. She holds a degree from Rutgers College, and has attended the Natural Gourmet Cooking School. Holli is certified by Cornell University, SUNY Purchase College, the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, and the National Association of Natural Health Practitioners. 

You can find Holli Thompson online at, on twitter @nutrition, on Facebook at, Pinterest at and Instagram/hollithompson. 



FREE GIFT: Find out what YOUR Nutritional Style is right now.

    YES, I'm Ready!    

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